Subjects taught

Main Subjects
  1. English
  2. Hindi only for Indian students of all levels
  3. Arabic for all students
  4. Mathematics
  5. GK/Science
  6. Social Studies – only for level 6, 7 and 8
  7. Qur’an – only for Muslim students of all levels
Non Main Subjects
  1. Computer Science
  2. General Knowledge
  3. Arts
  4. Saudi Arabian Culture (SAC)
  5. Islamic Studies – for all Muslim students
  6. Moral Science – for Other Believers
  7. Physical Education (P.E.)
Elective Subjects
  1. Urdu/Malayalam

Grading System

Grading System of Al Hayat was developed with the aim of providing individual attention to each student. Through the grading system, we can observe, the progressive or the rearward movement of the individual student in each of the subjects, and necessary steps can be taken.
Grading is not only for the academics but also for the behavioural aspect of the students. Behaviour in the class, with their classmates, teachers etc. is assessed and points are allotted. Similarly, the neatness of work, work area, book as well as the student’s attire will also be assessed. Through this way, we hope to encourage students and inculcate in them that education is not merely dealing with the academics but also behaviour as well as other co-curricular activities in the school.
The subjects taught are divided into three groups:

  1. Main Subjects
  2. Subsidiary (Non-main) Subjects
  3. Elective Subjects

Grading is done only for the main subjects. Al Hayat names its grading system, ‘Continuous Assessment’.

Office Timings

  • 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. Saturday through Thursday
  • 7:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. Saturday through Thursday

School Timings

    KG Section
  • 9:30 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. Sunday through Thursday
  • Girls' Section
  • 7:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. Sunday through Thursday
  • Boys' Section
  • 8:30 A.M. to 2:30 P.M. Sunday through Thursday
  1. Students should come to school on time. Late-comers will be marked as absent.
  2. Kindly do not send your ward to the school if he / she is not well.
  3. Parents are requested to make sure that their wards do not bring magazines/CDs/games/mobile phones or any other materials that are not required at school.
  4. Books should be brought as per the class timetable.
  5. Please make sure that all textbooks and notebooks are covered with brown papers and neatly labelled with the student’s name and class.
  6. Message book should be used to note down the homework of each day.
  7. The school fees should be remitted within the 5th day of every month. The procedure for remittance is to place the fees in an envelope and staple it in the student’s message book. The name of the student, amount and the month should be clearly written on the envelope as well as in the message book. Acknowledgements will be issued from the school on the subsequent working day. If the receipt is delayed for more than 2 days, parents are requested to inform the school, through the message book of their ward.
  8. Parents are requested to send the exact amount of the school fee with their ward. 9. Tuition fee and transportation fee will be collected for twelve months of every year (i.e. including the summer vacation period).
  9. Tuition fee and transportation fee will be collected for twelve months of every year (i.e. including the summer vacation period).
  10. The name of the student will automatically be removed from the school rolls if tuition fee is not paid consecutively for two months.
  11. The students should make sure that they read their lessons well at home and note down any problem they may have and ask the teachers the very next day.
  12. Students should communicate only in English while they are at school or in the school vans. Other languages are allowed in language classes only.
  13. A Student Evaluation Sheet will be sent to the parents on a regular basis.
  14. The tests will include questions from the textbooks, worksheets and other materials given. The students will have to go through all the study materials (not only the notebooks) and be prepared to answer any questions within the syllabus.
  15. In case of absence during tests, the re-test will be conducted only on medical grounds. No re-test will be taken without the parent’s request through the message book and the submission of the medical certificate the day the student resumes classes.
  16. Change of language levels (Urdu, Malayalam, Hindi, Arabic) will not be made in between the session. Please make sure that your ward is comfortable with the present language level.
  17. Folders should be brought to school for keeping worksheets.
  18. Parents are requested to remove all old worksheets from their wards folder. They should also remove all the receipts as well as notices from the message book and save them in a file at home.
  19. Kindly send only SR.1/- notes for the canteen.
  20. Teachers should not be asked for their personal phone numbers. All communication regarding the school matters should be done in the school, using the message book, or personal/telephone appointments during the school hours.
  21. Parents who need to discuss their problems with the class / subject teachers need to fix an appointment before coming to school otherwise they should not be entertained.
  22. Giving gifts to teachers or any other staff of Al Hayat is strictly prohibited.
  23. At Al Hayat, we do not encourage the celebration of Birthdays. Students should come in proper school uniforms on all working days.
  24. All parents are expected to come to school for all the Parent - Teacher Meetings conducted during each term and are welcomed to discuss various matters regarding their wards with the class teachers and subject teachers.
  25. Parents are not allowed to enter the classrooms during the class hours. Parents coming to drop or pick up their wards are required to leave / wait at the school gate.
  26. Parents who are not availing school transport for their wards should make sure that they leave and pick them up on time. The school will not be responsible for the students after the working hours.
  27. Parents who wish to discontinue their wards’ studies from Al Hayat are required to pay an amount of SR.50/- and submit it along with the ‘T.C. Request Form’ for receiving the Transfer Certificate from the school.
  28. Transfer Certificate will be issued for the students upon the written request from the parent on the prescribed form provided by the school and upon clearing all fees till the month attended by the student.
  29. A student needs to complete a minimum of one academic year at Al Hayat for the T.C. to be issued; otherwise a Bona Fide Certificate can be given.
  30. An amount of SR.50/- has to be paid for receiving duplicate copies of report cards or other transcripts.
  31. All transcripts will be issued only after one week from the day the parents have given written request.